Alexander Rudd has been given a clean bill of health

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Today at 18:30 CET Storvreta IBK will face IBF Falun in IFU Arena. Alexander Rudd will probably not be on the court, but he still looks forward to the clash of champions.

How are you?
- It's getting better, I feel good, says Alexander Rudd.

How far are you from a comeback?
- Well, I do not know, it's hard to answer. I have been given a clean bill of health, when it comes to the concussion, but it is my physical shape that I'm behind on for obvious reasons. I have not practiced for two months, we'll see when I feel ready but soon.
Can you go play physically now?
- Yes, I get to now. I can train fully.

What do you think of the team’s effort of late?
- It has been very up and down. Most recently against Helsingborg it looked very good! But before then, it has been a bit choppy. Now I hope that we can take with us what we did well against Helsingborg and it begins with the Falun and then bring it to the rest of the games, says Alexander Rudd.

Does it feel tough to miss the game against Falun?
- Yes, of course. It's hard to miss any of the games but obviously it is extra tough to miss the game against Falun. It is one of the highlights of the season and a lot of spectators will be coming too so I would have liked to be on the court.
What do you expect from the game?
- There will be trench warfare! These are the two giants that are facing off. The last seven Swedish Championships have been won by these teams. Add to that the semifinal series that went to seven games last season and everything that happened there ... It will probably be a very fun game to play and watch.

What do you think will be decisive?
- The defense, says Alexander Rudd.

You can watch the game on here. One game costs 89 SEK or watch all the SSL games you want for 199 SEK per month here and choose to support Storvreta IBK.

Adam Troy 2/2-2017

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