Four from Storvreta Selected to the Swedish National Team!

Photos Adam Troy

The eighth to eleventh of September Sweden's men's national team will particpate in Finnkampen. The first game takes place in Umeå and the second in Vantaa. Storvreta players Viktor Klintsten, Robin Nilsberth, Mattias Samuelsson and Alexander Rudd have been selected to the team.

The men play at home in the Umeå Energy Arena September 8th, then away in Vantaa, Finland the 11th of September. Two games that mean a lot to the national team.
- All games are important, but of course even more important the closer the World Championships we get. We want to get the team together as well as the formations, says headcoach Jan-Erik Vaara.
Storvreta’s Robin Nilsberth is looking forward to working on the final details before the World Championships and believes that the team will do well even though it's early in the season.
- We had a training camp in the summer and we've played together for a long time so we will put in a good effort, says Robin Nilsberth.

Two games against Finland should be two tough games but this is not always the case.
- It tends to be about fifty-fifty. Some games are blow outs and some get really tight. We'll see how it goes this time, but of course we want to win.

When it comes to Storvreta the next event is a trip to Estonia on Thursday.
- It is the first long trip with the team this year. It is always good to get the group together even if Kristian (Adolfsson) is the only new player, it will be fun.

The following players have been selected to represent Sweden at Finnkampen:

Viktor Klintsten, Storvreta IBK
Jonathan Paulsson, FC Helsingborg

Robin Nilsberth, Storvreta IBK
Mattias Samuelsson, Storvreta IBK
Thomas Holmgren, IBF Falun
Emil Johansson, IBF Falun
Kasper Hedlund, Mullsjö AIS
Mattias Wallgren, IBK Dalen
Anton Karlsson, Linköping IBK
Tobias Gustafsson, Linköping IBK

Alexander Rudd, Storvreta IBK
Johan Samuelsson, Unihockey Tigers Langnau
Jonas Svahn, IBK Dalen
Joel Kanebjörk, AIK IBF
Rikard Eriksson, Warberg IC
Linus Nordgren, FC Helsingborg
Kim Nilsson, FBC Kalmarsund
Simon Cederström, IBF Falun
David Gillek, Mullsjö AIS
Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun
Rasmus Sundstedt, Rychenberg Winterthur
Johannes Larsson, IBF Falun


Adam Troy 24/8-2016

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