Hannes Öhman to Work for Storvreta IBK Full Time

Photo Adam Troy

Floorball profile and top scorer Hannes Öhman will hired in the fall in a full-time capacity for Storvreta IBK. Öhman will work with marketing and sponsor activities.

- I love floorball and this club so for me it is a dream situation to be able to combine that love with a full-time position in an area that I have a lot of experience in for earlier jobs, says Hannes Öhman

Parallel to Öhman’s floorball career he has been a successful salesman for Sharp. Now he will team up with Storvreta IBK’s Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Andersson.

- This is a solution that I have been hoping would come to fruition. Now we will be able to double our capacity in dealing with current and prospective sponsors. Also, I believe that Hannes and I will complement each other in a way that many people will gain from, said Robert Andersson.

Alf Berggren, vice-president, has for many years been an engine and a powerful force in Storvreta IBK’s marketing. He says that now is the time to take the next step in the club's development

- I believe that there are good opportunities to increase partnerships with various external parties, not least in connection with Storvretacup, the world's largest floorball cup, with the goal of reaching 1,000 participating teams in 2020.

- The main driving force is to create favorable economic conditions, not only for our elite teams on women's and men's side, but also for our many youth teams, says Alf Berggren.

Hannes Öhman finished his playing career in the Super League after the 2013-2014 season. He played a key role when Storvreta IBK took three straight national championships.

Hannes will begin his employment in Storvreta in early October and he will also retain its commitment to the leadership team around the SSL team.

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