Mika Kohonen Gives Thanks: "Que sera, sera - whatever Will Be, Will Be"

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Everything has its time in life, and now the time has come for me to thank you all for all the years in Storvreta IBK. Ten seasons, it became, and ten years that have contained all the elements that belong to life, both amazing moments, and tougher times, both on the court and off.

The years in the club has given me both trophies and individual awards, and these are evidence that what we have done has been good and right. But for me it's always the people that are the most important! All the encounters with people is what I will primarily take with me and remember with warmth.

When we arrived in Uppsala, and Storvreta IBK in 2005, I signed on for a year. Our son Gabriel was just over a year old and Uppsala was a new city for us, we wanted to get a feel for our environment. However I explained to Alf Berggren (who wanted to write a longer contract) that he did not need to be worried. As long as everything works for the family and for the club we will stay. And so we did.


In 2015 we live in a house outside Uppsala, now have two children who both represent SIBK and although my floorball future now lies with SPV in Finland, Uppsala always be one of my two "homes". The love we have received from all of you is incredible, and mutual.

This decade has contained three Swedish Championships, two Champions Cup gold medals and numerous victories at home in Fyrishov. I am proud of what we, the players, coaches and leaders created, both on the court and around it. I am proud to have been entrusted to be the team captain for seven seasons, for the team and for the entire Storvreta family.

A common factor for all these years is the support from our wonderful audience, our extra player. Thank you to everyone who supported us through the years of ups and downs!

We players have many enthusiasts to thank for the opportunity to perform well, The real heroes, who toil hard without compensation so that we are able to deliver on the court. Here, I include our equipment manager and our team manager, you have my utmost respect and my sincere thanks!


Our successful journey would not have been possible without the world's greatest sponsors, who help and create opportunities, and where we built relationships far past their commitments - THANK YOU!

To all the guys and girls on our youth teams - keep the joy I see when you play, it will take you a long way! And I hope to see you at the Mika Kohonen DayCamp in August!

The Eagles, the amazing Eagles - thank you for allowing me to be your mentor, and together we will make Mika Kohonen Trophy a fun tournament in the future as well!

Alf and Mats - you know what you mean. I am forever grateful for the work you have done to as my bosses, but even more so for the friendship we have.


For the guys in this year's team, I just want to say - no one can take from us what we have done together. Now be sure to create new memories and have fun on the journey - VAMOS!

I conclude with a quote from Shakespeare's King Henry V, which I think reflects my way of looking at all the players I have had the honor to play with on each team, every year, that I represented Storvreta IBK:

”From this day to the ending of the world... we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today shed his blood with me shall be my brother."

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