Mika Kohonen’s Jersey Will Be Raised in Fyrishov

Photos Adam Troy

Storvreta IBK has talked to Mika Kohonen and expressed the club's desire to hoist the captain's number 29 jersey into the rafters at a ceremony in Fyrishov.

-It’s obvious that we want to pay tribute to Mika Kohonen this way, no player has meant so much to our sporting successes and the three Swedish Championship golds as Mika has, says Storvreta Chairman Mats Åkerlund.

-For ten years he has been a leading player in Storvreta and not just once but several times during that period he has been named the world's best floorball player. He is also a great example to all our young players. Therefore we want to give all supporters, the floorball crowd in Uppsala, the Swedish and international floorball community the opportunity to be a part of this, continues Mats Åkerlund.


But it will not happen immediately.

-In dialogue with Mika, we have said that this will only happen once his playing career is over. So what season, what year it may be, we don’t know yet, says Mats Åkerlund.

On December 21, 2014 Hannes Öhman’s number 14 was hoisted into the rafter in Fyrishov in front of a large cheering crowd. It was the first time that SIBK acknowledged a player that way after finishing playing career.


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