Spanish team to play in the Storvretacup!


CUF Las Rozas Madrid have signed up to the men's class in Storvretacup. Charlotte Siwers linked to the team tells us about it.

- The Storvretacup is the Cup everyone is talking about. We heard about it at some point, and the club started to search for information on the Internet. We quickly realized that it is a very well organized event with many teams participating, she says.

What expectations do you have on Storvretacup?
- A good structure and organization, high level of floorball and lots of laughter and experiences.
In Spain there are just two divisions for men. League "Comunidad de Madrid" that serves as a second division and has ten teams. First Division's Gang "Liga Nacional" and has seven teams. At most, there has been eleven teams in the "Liga Nacional" but many of the clubs fail to find new players so several of the teams have disappeared over time.

Can you tell us more about why you choose the Storvretacup?
- The main reason to be in the tournament is that our players get to experience floorball at the international level. One of the biggest problems with floorball in Spain is the speed of the game. It is far too slow if we compare to the big teams. Therefore it is important that our guys feel how it is to play at the highest level so that they can learn from them best, she continues.

Floorball in Spain isn’t an official sport and has no own official federation. It makes it very difficult for clubs to grow because they do not have access to any financial help.

Read the entire article on the Storvretacup website.

Adam Troy 8/9-2015

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