Stefan Forsman is ready for the Latvian Open

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Shortly after lunch today Storvreta’s SSL-squad will fly to Riga to then take a bus to Valmiera. Once there they will participate in the Latvian Open for the first time. Headcoach Stefan Forsman is ready.

Shortly you will be heading to Latvia, thoughts?
- We have played three games in a short time before this and now we get four. We need as much material as we can as are building a new team so it feels great to go there, says Stefan Forsman.

What do you expect of you opponents?
- I do not know. I think it will be fun with international opposition. It will be a Latvian team, a team from Switzerland and we have never met either the Latvian or Swiss. Then we have the Finnish team Classic that we have met before. I think it's going to be tough. It is going to be fun either way!

Your team is in a positive trend as you have won all your preseason games. Will you keep wining?
- Yes, I hope so. Especially the way we do everything right now is good. We work very hard at what we do and where we deserve some wins. So I hope that we continue that.


Which players have been your best so far?
- There are many but I think above all that Robin Nilsberth with his influence on the team has been really important. Also Jimmie (Pettersson) with his knowledge but in particular Nilsberth’s impact on the gang I think is cool, says Stefan Forsman.

There were some changes since last season, how is team coming together?
- Slowly but surely things are starting to settle. We work hard. We have had a camp the first weekend and it is a group process, group process, group process. So we are taking steps. I think it is heading towards something good.

Now when you set off together for a few days in Latvia, does the group process continue?
- Yes, it is perfect to be away and we gain two things, we get a chance to work on our game and we get a chance to work on our group. So it's a really good event for us.


If we look back to the AIK-game, over 1000 spectators for a friendly game in August?
- It was really cool! It’s that there is so much curiosity about us and good that we raised our play in the last periods in particular. It just feels awesome.

Finally any thoughts before the first match in Latvia?
- The team has agreed on how we should play and they will have to continue to believe in it. I think our idea is set and now we have to continue to work on it, says Stefan Forsman.

Tonight, Thursday, at 20:30 Storvreta face Lekrings from Latvia. And on Friday Storvreta faces the Swiss team Uster at 18:00. Finally on Saturday Storvreta face the Finnish team Classic at 20:30. The playoffs take place on Sunday.

The playoffs will be streamed live here. 

You can find the official website of the Latvian Open here.

Adam Troy 20/8-2015

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