Storvreta Fights Cancer

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Storvreta’s floorball games against AIK usually rank among the season's highlights. This time however, Storvreta IBK are bringing something completely new. The team are replacing the red home jerseys with custom-made jerseys in order to support children with cancer.

The game, played on Wednesday, February 10th, is part of a unique collaboration with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation in central Sweden and Storvreta IBK.
– After four months of planning all the pieces are falling into place, says Henrik Stenberg, star player in Storvreta IBK and initiator of the event.

– Games against AIK are always a bit special but it will be more fun this time, he continues.
The home team will for the first time in club history play in a different colored home jersey than the classic red Storvreta jerseys. The new shirts are white and pink with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Middle Sweden crest on the jersey. For charity, the one of a kind jerseys will be sold after the game, to some of Storvreta’s sponsors that have their companies logos on the back, and auctioned off to the public. Besides the sale of the jerseys there will also be the regular collection for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Middle Sweden, a raffle and a range of other activities surrounding the game. Large parts of Fyrishov will be dressed in pink.
Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Middle Sweden representatives will be on hand during the game. Olof Frode is the foundation’s club informant:

– We offer support and activities to help children and young people and their families during their illness. Since we don’t have any support from the government, municipality or county, we are dependent on donations and contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations. Therefore, we appreciate this support from Storvreta, especially when the initiative comes from the players that are such great role models for children.

Robert Andersson, marketing manager in Storvreta:
– The club has a clear focus to interact with all positive forces in our region. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Middle Sweden, is headquartered in Uppsala and is therefore a natural partner for us. So we hope to inspire all game visitors to contribute to the collection said Andersson.

Will there be more initiatives like this?
– Next week’s event should be seen in a larger context. I think it is important that sports clubs show a broad commitment in their business, so we hope to come up with several initiatives.
But now Storvreta hope a lot of spectators will come to the game both in support of their home team and also to support the charity

– This is an event that I hope no one will want to miss, says Henrik Stenberg.

You can watch the game live on SSLPlay at

Adam Troy 3/2-2016

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