Storvreta IBK visit Russia!

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In mid-May Storvreta stars Victor Andersson and Alexander Rudd visited the Unihoc Russia Cup that took place in Velikiy Novgorod in Russia.

– Now floorball contacts between Sweden and Russia are taking a new step. It was the first time in Russian history that Swedish professional floorball players visited the country as floorball players, says Wictoria Majby, who coordinates relations with Sweden for the Floorball Federation in Veliky Novgorod.


Floorball in Russia is just starting to get organized. They need this contact with a Swedish club to understand how floorball can grow as a sport in Russia. In Russia, many consider the need for a special education for organizing practices and tournaments. But the idea of ​​parents who that can help as coaches and organizes tournaments and travel and raise money for the team is appreciated by Russian coaches.

– Rudd and Andersson are important role models for the players and coaches. In Russia, we know that Sweden is the best in the world at floorball. Interest is great to come to Sweden and go to training camps and competitions and we are all waiting impatiently for a Swedish youth teams to come and play in a tournament in Russia, Wictoria Majby explains further.


In Russia the coach is responsible for everything within the team and it is a common perception that the coach's responsibility can only be shared if there is a sponsor who can pay for someone to help them.

– The people who work with floorball in Russia are extremely dedicated. They have a huge commitment and drive for everything to be as good as possible, says Victor Andersson.


If you want to support the development of floorball in Russia, please send a contribution to Wictoria Foundation. The money goes to pay for travel and other expenses for Russian hockey talents traveling to Sweden.

More information can be obtained via

ICA Bank 9270-187 011 9

Pictures available on instagram # #unihocrussiacup or read more about the tournament here. 

Adam Troy 4/6-2015

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