Storvreta Summercamp plus BLINDSAVE = True


This summer the Storvreta Summercamp will be collaborating with BLINDSAVE's Andis Blinds. He will work together with our own national team goalie Viktor Klintsten to make sure the goalies at the Storvreta Summercamp get the best goaliecoaching possible.

- Andis really has a passion for goaltending. He has a lot of knowledge of how goalies should play. He is also a great teacher. It's great we have been able to get him to come to the Storvreta Summercamp, Viktor Klintsten tells us.

Andis Blinds himself is excited to be coming to Uppsala and the Storvreta Summercamp.
- I believe it’s a great camp for young floorball players with a great team of coaches. Some of the world’s best players are working as coaches and I am very excited to be part of it. 

BLINDSAVE is a new brand in floorball market, besides it’s a goalie brand.

- In short period of time we have proved that BLINDSAVE has a very special place in floorball. During the last two years we have gained confidence from many of the world’s top goalies. One by one they have changed their old and usual protectors to BLINDSAVE products saying that those are the best things they’ve ever had as goalies, says Andis Blinds.


The list of such goalies is impressive: Patrik Åman, Viktor Klintsten, Johan Rehn, Eero Kosonen, Benjamin Lofdahl, Tomi Ikonen, Pascal Meier and others.
- Our equipment differs from other brands by providing a higher safety and comfort level. I believe we are the one and only brand in floorball who is focusing on goalies.

 What do you think of working with Viktor Klintsten?
-I think it will be very exciting. I have been working with Patrik ^Åman and Henri Toivoniemi at BLINDSAVE goalie camps for several years and each of them has a different style, but Viktor has yet another style of goalkeeping. He is one the best goalies in the world and it will be very interesting to work together with him.

What can goalies expect from the Storvreta Summercamp?
- All goalies who come to this camp will learn a lot of new things, see different goaltending styles and find new tips. Attractive and exciting exercises guaranteed! Conludes Andis Blinds.

For information and to sign up to the Storvreta Summercamp go here. Last sign up the 30th of April.

For more information about BLINDSAVE got to

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