Storvreta Visited the Unihoc Russia Cup!


The Unihoc Russia Cup 2016 is the biggest floorball tournament to ever take place in Russia. With 55 teams and more than 1,000 participants the tournament had a record number of participants. This included participants come from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. During this year's tournament Storvreta IBK was back.

Last year the Unihoc Russia Cup was visited by Storvreta players Alexander Rudd and Victor Andersson. This year the women’s team captain Amanda Gezelius and youth adviser Linnéa Aveholt where the ones to visit the cup to continue the cooperation between Storvreta and the Unihoc Russia Cup.
During the tournament, they hosted training for players and coaches, and also answered questions during a press conference.

Four players from the tournament received a scholarship to go to the Storvreta Summercamp.

- I saw good passing among the younger players. It does not happen often at home, says Amanda Gezelius.

Storvreta are working actively to exchange knowledge with Russia. Once again the Storvreta Summercamp will be visited by four Russian coaches who have a special program during the camp.

13 Russian teams from 8 different clubs visited the Storvretacup in January. Cobra 02-03 and NN FBK-30 impressed during the tournament by making it to the semifinals of their competition classes. In Unihoc Russia Cup 2016 both teams came in second place.

FOK Olympijsjij Tehnik 00-01, Piranhas-Vishaya league 02-03, Iskra 04-05 and 06-07 Dvina won the competition categories of the Unihoc Russia Cup.

Read more about the Unihoc Russia Cup here.

Wictoria Majby, Linnéa Aveholt and Amanda Gezelius.

Wictoria Majby 2/6-2016

Sida 1/4

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