The Storvretacup Continues to Grow Internationally


The Storvretacup floorball cup will be arranged for the 23rd consecutive year in Uppsala before and after the coming New Year. Even now it is set that teams from the Ukraine, Russia and Latvia will attend. More countries are in the pipeline to the world's largest floorball tournament last year rose 10 percent to 670 participating teams. The goal is to reach the 1000 by the year 2020.

 - Of course it is only in the autumn that we can see how many teams are on the way to the cup, but we expect continued growth in accordance with the cooperation agreement we signed with the Municipality of Uppsala, says cupgeneral Peter Wennberg from Storvreta IBK.

Registrations have already started pouring in.

The vision Storvreta shares with the city of Uppsala is that the Cup will grow to a thousand participating teams by 2020. A large part of the increase is taking place with teams from other countries, and there is advance notice about doubling the number of teams from, for example, the Ukraine.

Read the entire article on the Storvretacup website here.

Adam Troy 11/6-2015

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