Uppsala Floorball Challenge Streamed Live!

Photo Adam Troy

On Friday it's finally time for Uppsala Floorball Challenge. The floorball tournament will be hosted by the new IFU Arena where Storvreta will play against Rychenberg on Friday. All the games will be streamed online.

On Friday the 19th of August at 21:00 Storvreta will finally play their first game at the brand new IFU Arena. They will face off with Rychenberg from Switzerland. Former Storvreta stars Rasmus Sundstedt and Fredrik Holtz are among the players on the Swiss team so it is bound to be an interesting game.

During the evening Sirius will be facing Classic at 18:30. In the women’s group FBC Uppsala and IKSU meet at 16:00. Before that though KAIS Mora and Classic face off at 13:30 in the women's group.

On Saturday, winners face each other as does the losers in the respective classes as noted in the schedule bellow.

12:00 Game for third place in women’s group

14:30 Game for third place in the men's group

17:00 Final in the women’s group

19:30 Final in men's group

All times are CET.

All the games will be streamed live on IFU Arena’s Play Channel here.

Adam Troy 15/8-2016

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